Emmaus, кирпуторий

Vallila, Mäkelänkatu 54

09-632 233

Вторник: 11:00—18:00;
среда—пятница: 11:00—17:00;
суббота: 11:00—15:00.

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Описание от владельцев секонд-хенда

Emmaus Helsinki was founded in 1966 as a part of the international Emmaus movement. Today, the group runs two flea-markets for donated goods and is involved in development co-operation, for more information, see Activity Report for 2009. Our main partners are the foundation Yayasan Penghibur in Indonesia, and Pag-La-Yiri, a women's association in Burkina Faso. Yayasan Penghibur runs a children's home and has also other development activities. Pag-La-Yiri is running sewing training for 15 women in a building, which was repaired and equipped in 2008 with the help of Emmaus Helsinki. Emmaus Helsinki has also a long-term commitment to help two day care centres in Cuna Nazareth, Peru, via Swallows. With three other Finnish members of Emmaus International, we are also supporting Cuna Nazareth in starting a recycling centre in Lima to train young unemployed boys and girls to become recycling professionals and, in the long run, to make Cuna Nazareth more self-supporting. Emmaus Helsinki also supports Emmaus International's solidarity actions such as Lake Nokoué water project in Benin.

Emmaus Helsinki is an active member of KEPA, Service Centre for Development Cooperation.

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